GWN Website Solutions

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My Present

I am a freelance website developer who has been working with websites since 1996. I specialize in developing modern, cross-browser, accessible websites using the latest standards and best practices of the industry. I keep abreast of what browsers are capable of rendering and what visiters expect in terms of usability. Graceful Degregation and Progressive Enhancement are important concepts that that I use to create an experience across browser generations.

I see your website as an interactive magazine or catalog that reflects what your business or organization does for your customers. You know what image you want to promote and I help support that image online. In addition to original content, I can help deploy curated content such as Google Maps API & Google Places, RSS feeds from an industry newsservice, and/or establish an official presence on Facebook or Twitter.

I whave done research into how to improve the user experience on websites to benifit people with disabilities. These ideas also greatly enhance ease of use of a website for the general public. PDF file ofBarriers to Acces

My Future

My goal in the near future is to launch or modernize the website for your organization or company. To meet that goal I keep working on continuing education projects and negotiate cost on a per contract basis keeping in mind for-profit vs non-profit status and individual project needs.